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Yungblud Debuts New Song ‘The Emperor’ on ‘The Yungblud Show,’ Spreads Awareness to Black Lives Matter Movement

Yungblud debuted a brand new song “The Emperor” on the third episode of his YouTube series The Yungblud Show, which he live-streamed yesterday (June 25).

The English singer-songwriter started off the 26-minute episode with a little rock ‘n’ roll none of his fans had heard of before. The music video looked like it was filmed on a VHS camcorder, the grainy filter revealing the roughhouse of Yungblud’s performances — jumping off the drum set, screaming into the microphone, licking the camera lens and claiming his space like he’s “The Emperor.”

In his first episode in two months, Yungblud assured he’s using this platform to raise awareness and funds for the Black Lives Matter movement. Later in the show, he linked up with Springfield, Miss.-based activist Kenidra Woods to talk about the work that still needs to be done when the protests start to dwindle.

“It always starts with compassion, so you always have to have compassion for another human being. It has to be in your mindset and in your thought process before you can even grasp the concept of, ‘Why are you saying Black lives matter?’ Woods said in the interview. “When I was 13, I was thrust into activism. I didn’t wait on anybody to tell me like, ‘Go do this. Go change the world.’ …I’m like, ‘This needs to change. I’m tired of seeing this, so I’m gon’ go do it!’”

Yungblud compared waiting in line to vote at the polls amid voter suppression in certain states to waiting in line to go see one’s favorite artist or band perform. “They know that if we have to wait a long time, we’re not gonna do it. But go out, go with your friends. If you can wait in line for five hours for a concert, you can wait in line to save someone’s life,” the “I Think I’m OKAY” singer said.

Paris Hilton and her pink-colored dog also joined The Yungblud Show as guests for a game of “Hot or Not,” with options like Grimes and Elon Musk’s baby name X Æ A-12, Michelle Obama, Brad Pitt, tofu and marmite.

Watch the third episode of The Yungblud Show below.

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