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Which Lali Song Are You Obsessed With in 2020? Vote!

Ever since releasing her latest album Brava in 2018, Lali has flaunted her evolution in musical sounds, style and more. Now, with 2020 in full swing, the Argentine singer promises an even edgier dive for her forthcoming album.

Keeping fans intrigued, Lali teased fans with the music they can expect on her next set. In 2019, she launched “La Ligera,” rocking blonde locks and her ice skating skills. She then wrapped up the year with “Como Así,” her first collaborative effort with CNCO.

Feeling inspired during the quarantine period, she kicked off 2020 with her single and homemade music video “Lo Que Tengo Yo” and is dropping her newest single today (Aug. 5) dubbed “Fascinada.”

If any of these four tracks are any indication, and in true Lali fashion, fans can expect musical growth, empowerment and lots of fierceness on her next production.

Which Lali song is your favorite in 2020? The list includes her latest four singles as well as a fan favorite. Vote below:

“La Ligera”

On her 28th birthday, Lali surprised fans with her blonde locks and skating skills in “La Ligera,” where she doesn’t shy away from experimenting with trap music. The empowering lyrics are about a girl who’s independent and has the world in her hands.

“Como Así” feat. CNCO

Born after co-hosting the 2019 Premios Juventud, Lali and CNCO dropped a heartfelt track about a couple, who despite calling it quits, can’t seem to move on. “Como Asi” kicks off with romantic guitar riffs before dropping a catchy pop-dembow melody.

“Lo Que Tengo Yo”

With dance beats fused with electro-urban rhythms, “Lo Que Tengo Yo” is about a girl who’s got it going on and is a heartbreaker. In the colorful and playful homemade music video, Lali is joined by fans of all ages and from all over the world busting their best dance moves in quarantine.


To a hypnotic beat of mild urban melodies and sensual EDM rhythms, Lali presents “Fascinada.” With part of the chorus saying, “out of nowhere, you left me fascinated,” the Argentine pop singer narrates the story of a girl who’s completely smitten.

“Sin Querer Queriendo” feat. Mau & Ricky

After being on Mau & Ricky’s “Mi Mala” remix, the artists dropped “Sin Querer Queriendo.” “This was their song and they gave it to me for my album,” she previously told Billboard. “It tells the story of a girl who denies everything that happened and the boy remembers it all.”

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