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Watch Jennifer Lopez and Maluma Heat Things Up at Billboard Latin Music Week

Watch Jennifer Lopez and Maluma Heat Things Up at Billboard Latin Music Week

The hottest couple in entertainment right now is a mix of fact and fiction.

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma: engaged on-screen, friends off-screen, musicians and actors on both. In their first-ever joint interview, the two superstars spoke with Billboard as they prepared to launch the promotion of the feature film Marry Me.

Planned for theatrical release on Valentine’s Day 2021, the film stars Lopez as a pop star who, after learning that her musician boyfriend Bastian (played by Maluma in his first starring role) has been cheating on her, decides to take a fan holding a “marry me” sign (Owen Wilson) up on his offer in a hasty act of revenge.

Fans, of course, got a taste of the dynamic duo a few weeks back when they released joint action-packed singles and videos –“Pa Ti” and “Lonely.” In this exclusive conversation with Billboard, which coincided with their ultra-glam Billboard cover shoot, the two stars spoke about working together, Latinos in film and music, and more.

Some priceless moments included discussions on the following subjects:

The first day on set

Maluma: When we were fighting with Owen, remember? In that little hall. It was the first time that I met Owen. And then I had to scream at him.

Lopez: You wanted to beat him up! You wanted to kill him!

The importance of rom-coms

Lopez: First of all, romantic comedies are not light movies. They’re necessary, beautiful movies, and I don’t know why people feel like they have to put them down when everybody enjoys them so much. It’s like “chick flicks.” I don’t know guys who don’t love to go to the movies and watch a rom-com. It’s a very sweet movie, but it’s still a movie about life.

On representing Latinos in film and music

Lopez: Everybody knows that I’m a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx. It’s not something I ever tried to hide — or ever thought that I should hide — so I can get ahead. I always felt that individuality is what made me different from every other actress that was out there when I first started. I feel it’s the secret to my success.

Maluma: I have a tattoo that says “Medellín.” (He opens his shirt to show it.) I just want to be known around the world as Colombian. Everybody is always saying, “When are you going to start singing in English?” Why am I going to do it if I’m doing concerts in Romania, Israel, Morocco, the States, and they’re singing in Spanish? I want to bring my essence around the world. And my essence is singing in Spanish.

Watch the full interview above.

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