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Watch Anuel AA & Jamie Foxx’s Conversation at 2020 Billboard Latin Music Week

Watch Anuel AA & Jamie Foxx’s Conversation at 2020 Billboard Latin Music Week

Though Jamie Foxx and Anuel AA come from different musical backgrounds, they have joined forces for a new collaborative effort. Foxx will be spearheading Anuel’s forthcoming docuseries and a documentary about his rise to fame in the reggaeton world.

Both men spoke about their partnership, what they hope to accomplish working together, reggaeton’s ascension, and their current relationship with the hip-hop culture at Billboard Latin Music Week on Tuesday (Oct. 19).

See some of the best takeaways below:

Anuel on His Upcoming Docuseries: “I just want everyone to know my real life story. All the struggles, everything. From growing up in a good family to my father losing his job and leaving my mama’s house, I went through all the worst things that somebody can go through in the streets and never lose faith in their music.”

Jamie on Latin Stars Being Embraced by Hollywood: “It’s just great music. Great music comes from everywhere, but when you see someone celebrate their culture and music, there’s nothing like that. The hits that they have, it’s not just because someone is saying, ‘Let the Latin in.’ No, they’re taking over. They are doing it. What’s amazing about it is that they didn’t veer from anything. They’re very authentic.”

Anuel on Why Reggaeton Is Bigger Than Ever: “Everything is digital now. Everything streams. You make more money now than what people used to make before. It’s thanks to all the work [the older generation] put in. There’s a lot of legends like Don Omar, Tego Calderon, [and] J Balvin. Back in the day, the reggaeton singers were only from Puerto Rico. Now you got Balvin in Colombia with Karol [G], Maluma, Sech from Panama. There’s a lot of big people. Back in the day, you never used to see Lil Wayne and Anuel collaborations. Thank God that reggaeton grew so much that everything is coming together now.”

On Reggaeton’s Relationship With Hip-Hop Today:

Anuel: “Hip-hop was up here and reggaeton was down here. It wasn’t a business back then. It wasn’t a business to record with us back then. Now it is. Thank God for us and for hip-hop…you have Drake with Bad Bunny. Cardi B with Ozuna. Cardi B with me. Nicki Minaj with Karol G. Back in the day, all of this seemed impossible. Thank God reggaeton and Spanish trap grew up so much.”

Jamie: “When you look at Black and Brown people and what we’re doing for the culture and how here in America, there’s a lot of cloudiness going on. There’s a lot of energies that are really bad. The only thing that’s making you smile and have fun right now is music. [The relationship] is perfect. We just want to keep the music alive.”

Watch the full conversation above.

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