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Saint Jhn Remembers the ‘Real Superheroes,’ Launches Fundraising T-shirts

Saint Jhn Remembers the ‘Real Superheroes,’ Launches Fundraising T-shirts

SAINt JHN is paying tribute to the real superheroes of this world.

The “Roses” rapper has released a special edition t-shirt to honor George Floyd and the countless Black lives lost to police brutality.

The “Real Superheroes Tees” feature a pair of powerful designs. On the front is an artwork of some devilish protesters, accompanying the words: “Not Travon, Not Eric, Not Sandra, Not Ahmaud, Not Breonna, Not George, Not Looters, Not A Riot, Not America, Not This Time, Not A Cult.” On the back is a burning map of the United States, containing at its heart a poignant letter.

The shirts are available from the hip-hop artist’s apparel and lifestyle brand Christian Sex Club, with all proceeds going to Equal Justice Initiative, a not-for-profit committed to ending mass incarceration and challenging racial and economic injustice.

To mark the campaign, the Brooklyn native addresses the everyday Black heroes in an open letter posted to his Instagram account.

In it, he reflects on the good, hard working people of his and other neighborhoods, many of whom remain invisible to most Americans.

“These are the people who change the whole world. But never got an invitation to the World Series, they never win a Grammy and they damn sure never get the applause their continuous sacrifice deserves,” he writes. “This is for the Real Superheroes.”

Earlier this month, the U.S. artist called for “better leadership” in the midst of nationwide protests, and pledged to donate $125,000 to bail funds for the release of arrested protesters from jail and to black-owned businesses affected right now.

See SAINt JHN’s post below.