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Niña Dioz’s Pride Playlist Includes Queer Anthems by Madonna, Bad Bunny & More

As Pride Month comes to an end, Niña Dioz curated an exclusive playlist for Billboard with some anthems that make her feel empowered year-round.

“It’s very important to remember that pride exists because of a Black trans woman,” she says to Billboard. “We can’t stop fighting and marching until everyone’s rights in the LGBTQ community are respected and we can all live a life free of violence and discrimination. May pride be the entire year.”

In her playlist, the queer Mexican hip-hop artist highlights songs by George Michael, Madonna and Bad Bunny, to name a few. “Happy Pride to everyone. I hope you enjoy this playlist!” she notes.

Below, listen to Niña’s playlist and what each song represents to her.

George Micheal, “Outside”

“I remember when I heard and saw the video for ‘Outside’ for the first time. It was the early 2000s. I was still a girl but the sexual diversity that was so openly shown in this video blew my mind. A public restroom turns into a nightclub where anything is possible, and George Michael dances like a super queer & sexy cop. It’s a gem of a video.”

Madonna, “Like a Prayer”

“For me, Madonna is one of the most important references for queer music and culture. I can’t tell you how many after-parties I had with my gay friends where we ended up listening and dancing Madonna until dawn, hit after hit.”

Bad Bunny, “Yo Perreo Sola”

“For me, this song and visual is the best queer anthem of 2020. I think it’s great that Bad Bunny, the biggest superstar of the urban genre, has decided to make a video where he comes out as a woman and twerks with himself to let all women know that they can dance at the club without anyone bothering them. Bad Bunny also uses his platform to give visibility to trans women and that seems very valuable to me because, precisely, the trans community is the one who suffers the most from violence and discrimination.”

Mykki Blanco, “Wavvy”

“From the beginning, Mykki Blanco has been openly queer and gender fluid. When I saw this video it blew my mind because it directly confronts the binary, and gender stereotypes. First, he comes out as a bad boy without a shirt and full of tattoos. Then, in the middle of the video, he transforms into a woman, beautiful and with a lot of attitudes, rapping harder than Lil Wayne.”

Kumbia Queers, “La Isla con Chikas

“South American cumbia with a touch of punk. I love this Kumbia Queers adaptation of Madonna’s song, ‘Isla Bonita’. I’ve had their version on repeat during these pandemic times. The lyrics transport me to ‘a tropical island, where everything is beautiful and natural, that’s where I want to be, the Island with girls.’”

Rita Indiana, “La hora de Volver”

“When I listen to this song I feel like all my ancestors go out dancing! I love this merengue and psychedelic fusion. Rita Indiana, for me, is a great inspiration and one of the most important Latin queer artists of our time. After 10 years of absence, she has just released new music, I recommend that you listen to all of it because she is very top.”

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