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CloZee Breaks Down Each Track on Her New LP: ‘I’ll Always See a New Album As a New Chapter of My Life’

“Bass music” is too simple a term for the work of French producer CloZee. While her music does often hit as hard as jackhammer — particularly during live shows — the softness and depth of her productions has helped make the producer born Chloé Herry a standout star of the genre and festival scene at large for the better part of the last half decade.

Herry expands this influence with her sophomore album, Neon Jungle. Released this past Friday (July 3), the LP took her a year and a half to make and was inspired by her travels in the French Pyrenees, the Costa Rican jungle and by her love of Game of Thrones. For the first time in her career, Herry created this music with the corresponding live show in mind, considering visuals, stage design and a story line for the show while still in the studio.

She says Neon Jungle’s “a big outdoor and nature vibe” made it perfect for people to experience in outside environments and gatherings including Coachella, where she was scheduled to play this spring and summer before COVID-19 hit.

But while the pandemic has led to the cancellation of CloZee’s summer tour (she currently still has fall dates on the calendar, including a co-headlining show with Opiuo at Red Rock in October), she hopes her new music will provide a memorable soundtrack to the socially distanced adventures and travels her fans are embarking on this summer.

“I hope it will also help the people who are still stuck at home, and need a little escape,” she adds. “I want to provide my fans and listeners with an escape to a place where they feel safe, confident and loved. What I’m trying to say with my music is always positive and motivating. In fact, if I’m not in that mood myself, I can’t write music.”

Here, in her own words, Herry shares the backstory behind each track on Neon Jungle.


“Mirage” is the very first track I composed for this album, almost a year and a half ago. “Mirage” was originally created as an introduction for my sets, for all the important festival plays I had at that time. (Coachella, for example). I wanted to write an epic and surprising tune: starting very mysteriously, cinematic, with an epic build up, into a very minimalist deep wobbly drop, to surprise the crowd when the bass hits. I kept it as the introduction for the new album, since it served so well as the first track of any live set.

“Neon Jungle”

I composed this song in Costa Rica during my two-week trip leading into Envision Festival 2019. Usually, I gather all the memories from my travels and compose music when I’m back home in my studio with proper gear. But “Neon Jungle” is one of the few tracks that was made on the original location where I sourced my inspiration from, and only with headphones. The song is all about the jungle adventures, the outstanding Costa Rican biodiversity and beautiful waterfalls and sunsets I experienced.

The first part of the song is slow and takes the time to set up into that new world. The second part of the song (uptempo) musically represents all the images of my travel in time lapse. The name “Neon Jungle” was personally a great description of my music and vision for this album — and the tour that will one day follow its release — so that’s why I chose it as the album title. It has an electronic and organic feel, both visually and aurally.

“Us” feat. The Kite String Tangle

I originally created the first version of this song in Australia in February 2019, inspired by my very first time and experiences in the country. I played it for the first time at Lollapalooza 2019 as a set introduction. It was still an instrumental at the time, and a work in progress. I just wanted to see how people would react to it live.

About a year later and after playing it a few times, I felt like it was missing something. So my team and I decided to reach out to a couple vocalists to see if anyone would be interested to collaborate on it. The Kite String Tangle was the one who answered right away, with an AMAZING top line, and he’s coincidentally Australian as well. It just felt amazing to wrap up a song with a full Australian feel from the beginning to the end.

“Winter Is Coming”

This is the second song I composed on this album and is the lead single. I came back from the mountains of Les Pyrénées in France, inspired to write something epic, with a sound echoing snowy mountain views. I had visions of people doing extreme mountain sports while creating it. It was also the beginning of the final season of Game Of Thrones (I’m a fan), so I temporarily called it “Winter Is Coming.” I decided to keep it because it was super easy to remember, and some kind of tribute. This is probably one of my favorite tracks to play live; the feedback is always amazing.

“Air” feat. Sauvane

“Air” was one of my favorite tunes to make. I just love to write slow and beautiful songs more than anything. I sent the instrumental to the amazing french singer Sauvane, who got very inspired by the title.

“Could you be careful? I’m surrounded, I need some air.” When we wrote that song about six months ago, we never thought it would come out during such a pivotal and important moment for our world and history. The song is about Earth asking humans to be respectful, to be loving and caring towards each other and towards their own planet or we risk to see it burn.

“Nuages” With 9 Theory

9 Theory reached out to me last summer after seeing my set at Lightning In a Bottle. I wasn’t very familiar with his solo project before, but I was a huge fan of his band Inspired Flight, about 10 years ago. I recognized his voice in his solo songs, and I was so excited for the opportunity to make a song with him. This is how “Nuages” is born. (It means “clouds” in French.) He’s an amazing music producer, and it was an honor working with him on a dreamy, ethereal song.


I wrote this song a few days after I made the decision to move to the U.S. I was in a very good mood, and just wanted to write a positive, motivating and adventurous tune. I started with all the horns parts as the skeleton, and the rest came naturally from there.

“Long Live The Chill” feat. Sir Bishop

I’ve been a fan of Sir Bishop for many years, and we’ve been trying to collaborate for some time. I was so happy we could finally make that tune together. The instrumental of this song was originally written as an acoustic guitar song. I was just playing around in the studio, and recording all the different guitar parts. It’s only after that I decided to make it with a beat and send it to Sir Bishop. I really like the fact it was organic, soft and melodic, and it would contrast beautifully with his very deep voice and flow.


This song is an ode to Amazonia, when it was disgustingly and unfairly burning. Seeing it being destroyed broke my heart, and I got inspired to write that song as a tribute. This is one of the places in the world I’m dreaming of going to, and hope to one day soon.


I made this song for a very important person in my life. It was the most immediate composition of the album, because the main intentions and inspiration were very real. I sat down in the studio knowing directly how I wanted it to sound and what I wanted to tell. It took me only two nights to have the final version. It is the most recent song I composed for the album; it also represents a new chapter of my life, so it was the best way to end the album — looking to the horizon.

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