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Billboard Japan and TikTok’s ‘Next Fire’ March Livestream Features Brother Duo SuzukiSuzuki

Billboard Japan and TikTok’s ‘Next Fire’ March Livestream Features Brother Duo SuzukiSuzuki

Brothers Tomu and Seina Suzuki, collectively known as the duo SuzukiSuzuki, performed on Billboard Japan and TikTok’s Next Fire program on March 5 as the featured artist of the month.

Next Fire is a weekly show on the TikTok Live platform that highlights an up-and-coming J-pop act each month, based on Billboard Japan’s newly launched Japan Heatseekers Songs chart. The hybrid program, hosted by Hina from J-girl group Faky and TikToker Shuichiro, streams performances and in-depth interviews by the featured act and explores new ways for fans to experience live music.

The Suzuki brothers appeared onstage wearing dapper suits and kicked off the livestream set with “Kimi to Boku wasa” (“You and I Will”), a sweet mid-tempo love song that showcases the duo’s soothingly high-pitched vocals. The siblings chose to perform without instruments for the show, standing side-by-side and exchanging glances with each other to deliver their intricate harmonies.

The duo then covered two songs based on requests posted on Billboard Japan’s TikTok account before the show. The first was a rendition of singer-songwriter Kaze Fujii’s profound ballad “Kaerou” (“Let’s Go Home”), which the brothers arranged to feature some clever part changes and layered harmonies. After they finished singing, 19-year-old Seina jokingly accused his older brother Tomu — who turned 21 a few days after the livestream — of mistaking the lyrics, and the pair exchanged some brotherly banter.

The duo then covered another ballad, “Yonaga Uta” by the rising band Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai, delivering a soulful, emotional rendition of the poignant number that they explained was one of their favorite songs.

While the brothers seemed a bit bummed that they weren’t performing before an actual live audience, they expressed relief after confirming that thousands of viewers were tuning into their stream. They then shared a compact version of an unreleased, still-in-progress original number, which depicted the emotions of a young person stepping out into adulthood. SuzukiSuzuki concluded its livestream with a heartfelt performance of “Byoushin,” a song that depicts the story before the one described in their hit number “Kimi to Boku wasa.”

47,639 viewers tuned in to watch the sibling duo’s live performance. A pre-recorded interview by SuzukiSuzuki will stream on March 19. from 8:00 p.m. Japan time via Billboard Japan’s TikTok account.

This story was originally published on Billboard Japan.