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Alex Aiono Is Ready to ‘Get Down and Nasty’ on ‘Guitar Hero’ During Quarantine: Exclusive

Alex Aiono is staying pretty busy in quarantine. The singer, songwriter, producer, actor and self-proclaimed “sushi enthusiast” just released his debut album, The Gospel at 23, Friday (July 24), but he’s still finding time to show fans what a day in his life is like in Billboard’s IGTV series “First Stream+.”

The entertainer has a pretty good daily routine down. After getting up, he makes his bed and does a little bit of indoor cycling for some “morning cardio.”

Being a musician, Aioni also has his bedroom studio — “also known as ‘this side of my bedroom’” — ready to go whenever inspiration strikes. Among his gear are a fancy mic, a ring light for doing his live videos, a keyboard, and his various guitars. “I’ve got my acoustic baby. She’s traveled the world with me,” he says of the first one. He then moves on to a bass, electric guitar and ukulele, before coming to what he considers the most important ones: the “Guitar Hero” guitars.

“In case anyone wants to get down and nasty with me on the Xbox — ‘Guitar Hero’!” he exclaims.

Another activity Aiono is enjoying during quarantine? Climbing — and doing it safely. “I am at the climbing gym; we are having a quarantine climb. There’s like a bunch of rules — you have to stay super far apart from each other and you need to sanitize constantly, and all of that,” the musician, who is safely masked, explains. “But I love climbing. … Trying to keep myself happy. Like I said: Balance during the quarantine.”

After getting in his climbing fix, Aiono hits the shower and begins his evening regimen, which includes some skincare. “I’m doing my night routine: brushing my teeth, washing my face, putting on my little night cream so I don’t get bags under my eyes,” Aiono shares. “I don’t even know if that stuff works, but I do it because it’s fun and I feel pretty!”

See how else the singer is spending his time in quarantine, and learn more about The Gospel at 23 by watching his full IGTV video below:

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