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SixTONES Tops, Haruma Miura Posthumously Debuts at No. 4 on Japan Hot 100

J-pop boy band SixTONES’s “NAVIGATOR” shoots to No. 1 on this week’s Billboard Japan Hot 100, dated July 20 to 26, selling 652,277 copies in its first week.

The rising Johnny’s group’s second single leads physical sales, look-ups and Twitter mentions to rule this week’s Japan song chart.

While initial sales of “NAVIGATOR” fell more than 120,000 copies short of the six-man band’s Yoshiki-penned debut single, “Imitation Rain,” which sold 776,836 copies in its first week, the new single is doing much better in radio airplay at No. 4 — “Imitation Rain” bowed at No. 9 — indicating that the group has gained wider recognition since its debut.

Japanese star Haruma Miura passed away suddenly July 18 of an apparent suicide. The 30-year-old artist’s second single, “Night Diver,” debuts this week at No. 4 on the Japan Hot 100, coming in at No. 3 for downloads (35,921 units), No. 4 for video views (6,245,149 views), and No. 23 for streaming (2,603,495 streams).

The music video accompanying “Night Diver” was premiered on Music Station on Friday (July 24), the day he was slated to perform live on the popular music program, showcasing the established actor’s smooth vocals and fluid dance moves. The single’s entry in the top 5 this week sadly highlights the void of his absence.

Nogizaka46’s new digital single, “Route 246,” debuts at No. 10 on the Japan Hot 100, coming in at No. 2 for Twitter, No. 4 for downloads, and No. 43 for streaming. The return of legendary producer Tetsuya Komuro with this signature TK-track has apparently boosted the song’s performance on the charts, as the girl group’s previous single, “Shiawase no hogoshoku,” released physically and digitally, debuted at No. 19, coming in at No. 6 for downloads, No. 14 for Twitter, and No. 86 for streaming.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, radio airplay, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! video views, Gracenote look-ups, audio streams from Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, AWA, Google Play Music, KKBOX, LINE MUSIC, Rakuten Music, RecMusic provided by Gfk Japan, dHits, Uta Pass and Spotify, plus karaoke data from Daiichikosho and XING.

Billboard Japan Hot 100 Top 10 (dated July 20 to 26)
1. [37] NAVIGATOR / SixTONES (652,277 copies / none / none)
2. [1] Yoru ni kakeru / YOASOBI (none / 21,873 downloads / 9,992,759 streams)
3. [3] Kousui / Eito (none / 18,620 downloads / 8,234,436 streams)
4. [-] Night Diver / Haruma Miura (none / 35,921 downloads / 2,603,495 streams)
5. [-] Sherbet Pink / NGT48 (92,299 copies / none / none)
6. [-] IN THE SUMMER / Arashi (none / 56,248 downloads / 1,036,694 streams)
7. [4] Make you happy / NiziU (none / 7,078 downloads / 6,202,973 streams)
8. [2] Kanden / Kenshi Yonezu (none / 44,372 downloads / none)
9. [6] Hadaka no kokoro / Aimyon (1,314 copies / 20,564 downloads / 5,688,065 streams)
10. [-] Route 246 / Nogizaka46 (none / 35,785 downloads / 1,713,416 streams)

[ ]: Position last week
( ): Physical sales / downloads / streams (Top 50 only)

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