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Sia Demands Justice For Breonna Taylor: ‘It Feels More Important to Me Than Entertainment Right Now’

Sia took a moment during her visit to Good Morning America on Friday (June 26) to add her voice to the increasingly loud chorus of people calling for arrests and justice in the killing of Breonna Taylor, 26, at the hands of Louisville police.

The singer also spoke about the police killing of Elijah McClain, 23, who was killed by Colorado police last August after they held him in a chokehold in a mistaken identity case that turned deadly.

In a rare interview in which Sia showed her face — rather than shrouding it under one of her signature wigs — the singer asked if she could focus on Taylor and McClain before hitting her promotional duties.

“Can we do something else first? Because it’s more meaningful to me than anything else at the moment entertainment-wise,” she said. “I wanted to talk about [how] we can do something about this police brutality, you don’t just have to feel bad.”

She then offered up the email address for the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron or Colorado Governor Jared Polis to urge them to action in both cases. “It just feels more important to me than entertainment right now,” she said.

Sia’s plea came a day after Common, Rapsody and thousands more rallied at the Kentucky state Capitol on Thursday to honor Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, Ahmaud Arbery and others.

To date, more than three months after plainclothes police broke down Taylor’s door using a “no-knock” warrant and shot her eight times none of the officers in the case have faced any criminal charges; one of the officers has lost his job.

The 44-year-old singer also opened up about her decision to adopt two teenage sons last year, which she called a “blessing.” The singer said, “I think they saved me, so I’m in heaven,” of the two young men who are now 19 and whose names and faces have not yet been revealed. Sia also said she’s been able to get them the services they need to overcome the trauma they suffered in their younger years.

She did get around to promoting the new movie she directed, Music, performing the song “Together” for the GMA audience with longtime foil and the film’s co-star, Maddie Ziegler, and making a big promise. “The movie’s great. I’m gonna break your heart, I’m gonna put it back together again and y0u’re gonna love it,” she said enthusiastically.

Check out Sia’s interview and performance below.

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