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Ryan Gallagher’s Attorney Says There Is ‘More to the Story’ Of Client’s Dismissal From ‘The Voice’

Ryan Gallagher’s Attorney Says There Is ‘More to the Story’ Of Client’s Dismissal From ‘The Voice’

An attorney for former The Voice contestant Ryan Gallagher said there is “more to the story” of his client’s removal from the show due to alleged COVID-19 violations.

Gallagher, 31, was abruptly removed from competition last Monday (Nov. 30) when host Carson Daly announced that the season 19 Team Kelly singer did not score a spot in the top 17.

While Daly didn’t give a specific reason for Gallagher’s absence during the broadcast, Billboard later confirmed that the classically trained singer had been removed after allegedly violating the show’s coronavirus protocols.

In a statement sent to Billboard on Monday morning (Dec. 7), Gallagher’s manager, Michael Catalano confirms that his client was dismissed by NBC AND MGM Studios on Nov. 29 for an “alleged violation” of the show’s COVID-19 protocols.

“In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth,” says Catalano. “Ryan understands all too well how serious the COVID-19 pandemic is in this country and around the world. In fact, recently Ryan’s mother in Michigan was hospitalized with COVID-19 and was in ICU for three weeks. It was a scary time for Ryan and his family and he certainly would not knowingly put anyone at risk by not adhering to the show’s Covid 19 policy.”

A statement sent on behalf of NBC and MGM said, “Ryan is a talented artist, however The Voice has strict Covid protocols in place to secure a safe set for our crew, coaches and contestants. We were made aware of a breach in those protocols, and after examining the situation, and out of abundance of caution, we determined that Ryan could not participate in our Monday night show without potentially putting others at risk. Therefore, we made the difficult decision to remove Ryan from the competition.”

Catalano, however, says there is “more to the story” than what the show’s producers have announced so far and at “an appropriate time and place” he and Gallagher will “share the balance of the details, as well as Ryan’s side of the story.” The manager also noted that Gallagher is “devastated” by the decision and that he appreciates the outpouring of support from viewers.

Gallagher seemed primed to continue his run on the show as of the morning of Nov. 30, when he posted a picture of himself in several different suits, asking fans which one they preferred; he followed up later in the day with a short video in which he thanked fans for their concern for his family, adding that they’re fine. “I didn’t drop out of the show, details are still to come,” he said.

Over the weekend he also posted an acoustic cover of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” along with the message, “Music is the only thing that transports me to a better place.. and Christmas music even more! It’s been a weird/stressful week. I am grateful to each and every one of you for your continued support and love throughout this new development. Standby for more facts!”