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Post Malone Lost a Fierce Game of Beer Pong to Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and it Marked Him For Life

If there’s anything we’ve learned about Post Malone over the years, it’s that he is dead serious about his beer pong.

The “Circles” rapper is known for playing fierce games right up until the second he takes the stage and he hates to lose. We found out just how real his obsession is in the new GQ magazine cover profile of Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chief phenom quarterback Patrick Mahomes, in which the NFL’s highest-paid man winds an unbelievable tale about the time he schooled Posty in Pong.

According to Mahomes, the day the Chiefs paraded through the streets of their hometown  with their Lombardi trophy earlier this year, Malone just happened to be playing in town that night, so Mahomes flexed his Super Bowl muscle by snagging a suite at the venue. Posty invited the QB back for a hello before the gig and he brought along a jersey as a thank-you gift for the rapper’s hospitality.

Joined by teammate tight end Travis Kelce, Mahomes was more than happy to take Malone up on his challenge of a low-stakes game of beer pong. “I guess he loves beer pong,” Mahomes told the mag. “That’s, like, his thing.” And though Posty has legendary pong skills, he may have underestimated his opponents, one of the fiercest combos in the NFL.

Mahomes said he played pretty well, but his pal Kelce was “unconscious” good, with Kelce admitting, “I don’t know if I’ve ever been that hot on the pong table ever in my life.”

The dynamic duo just kept winning, and Malone “wearing his brand-new Patrick Mahomes jersey, red like the Solo cups on the table — grew increasingly ruffled,” according to the magazine, with the rapper admitting in an email that he’s a “pretty f–king competitive beer pong player.” After changing partners, bringing in a friend to play and even asking fellow rapper Swae Lee to sub in, Post’s manager pulled him aside after 10 games to remind him that it was showtime.

The frustrated rapper waved him off, determined to win a game. By the 14th or 15th L, Posty upped the ante and asked Mahomes and Kelce to put their autographs on a piece of paper, promising to tattoo them on his body if they win another game. “He has a tattoo artist literally in the room,” Mahomes said. “I’m like, ‘Dude, you do not actually have to get a tattoo of our autographs.” Spoiler alert: Post lost again and right after the show he got the new ink, which GQ said “looks like it had been written by someone who’d been drinking all day to be tattooed onto someone who’d been drinking all day.”

Malone has not posted a pic of his KC ink to date, but TMZ has what it reported is a snap of the tat, which is reportedly on the MC’s forearm.

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