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Mariah Carey Dishes on Infamous 2001 ‘TRL’ Appearance: ‘It Was a Stunt Gone Awry, As We Say’

Mariah Carey stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday night (Oct. 8) for an exclusive chat about her new memoir, her struggles during the promotion of Glitter and much more.

“It’s interesting, because I think most people would have expected — and not that we don’t get into certain other glamorous topics or whatever — but would’ve expected it to be predominantly about stardom and fame and all of those things,” she told host Andy Cohen, who published the tome as the first release of his self-titled literary imprint.

“But really…the intention was to emancipate my little girl self, who wasn’t famous, who didn’t have money, who didn’t feel worthy,” she continued. “Just on the level of, like, anybody who never felt like they belonged, or may not have felt like they could succeed because the odds were against them, or they were different, I feel like it’s a survivor’s story. And not everybody realized that about me. Or even if they weren’t a fan, I think there are themes in this book that all people can relate to.”

During the show, the icon also spoke candidly about her Glitter era, including the surprise 2001 appearance she made on MTV’s TRL to promote “Loverboy” involving an oversized t-shirt, an ice cream cart and a very confused Carson Daly.

“It was a stunt gone awry, as we say,” Carey said looking back on the moment. “It was not like, ‘Oh my god!’ By today’s standards, it’s like nothing. It wouldn’t even get picked up in one place; I brought an ice cream cart and had a little moment ’cause I was trying desperately not to allow a huge corporate entity and someone with an agenda to destroy my career.

“So, you know, that moment was a really screwed up thing, but again, I look at it now and am like, ‘Oh please.’  They acted as if I had stripped butt naked on TV, which today would also be a normal, everyday occurrence,” she continued before concluding, “And, might I add, people are staging their own stunts, their own ‘meltdowns’ and all their stuff just for the attention. Back then if you did that, it lived on forever.”

Check out more of Mariah spilling the tea on WWHL below.

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