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Luciano Pereyra: ‘Me Enamoré De Ti’ Collab With Lang Lang Is a ‘Dream Come True’

A re-imagined version of “Me Enamoré De Ti,” penned by Luciano Pereyra and recorded by David Bisbal in 2016, is the beacon of light that Pereyra hopes will illuminate even the darkest days in a “wold upside down,” he says.

Now with Pereyra on vocals and accompanied by classical pianist Lang Lang, “Me Enamoré De Ti,” released June 26, takes on its own life. “Everything is so weird during this quarantine,” the Argentine singer-songwriter tells Billboard. “But in the midst of this weirdness, I get to release this beautiful song alongside Lang Lang. It’s a dream come true.”

Their first-ever collaboration was recorded at a distance, with Lang Lang recording in Paris and Pereyra from his home studio in Argentina. The evocative ballad is accompanied by a luminous music video also shot last month a la quarantine, with the Chinese pianist recording from Shanghai and Pereyra from his hometown Luján, Argentina.

“Universal informed me that there was a possibility for me to record with Lang Lang and that I should start thinking which song,” adds Pereyra. “I thought, ‘This is the moment for me to record ‘Me Enamoré De Ti.’”

After receiving Lang Lang’s recording, “there were times where I couldn’t physically sing because I was listening to his piano and it made me so excited. This quarantine makes us more sensitive, and when I heard his part, I wanted to cry.”

Below, Pereyra talks about his collab with Lang Lang, upcoming projects and more.

David Bisbal recorded “Me Enamoré De Ti” back in 2016. When did you realize you wanted to release your own version of the track?

This idea has been in my heart for a long time. One always dreams of recording a song when they finish writing it. I wrote this song five years ago and actually wrote it for a telenovela. Then I was told that we were giving David Bisbal the song, and he recorded an amazing version of the track.

During all my concerts, I always dedicate some time to sing songs I’ve written for telenovelas and for other friends, and this one is always a favorite one.

When did Lang Lang become attached to the project? 

It was Universal who informed me that there was a possibility for me to record with Lang Lang and that I should start thinking which song. That’s when I thought, “This is the moment for me to record ‘Me Enamoré De Ti.’” Then we started emailing each other, and that was the only communication we had. We let music speak for the both of us. I never imagined that I would record with Lang Lang. He had just recorded with Lady Gaga, John Legend, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, and now it’s my turn to collaborate with the best pianist. It’s a blessing!

In a matter of days, the song reached one million views on YouTube. Why do you think your fans have reacted so well to this unusual collaboration?  

The reception it’s had makes me even more excited. In a time when the world is upside down, with so much noise, uncertainty, in lockdown and amid a pandemic, for me to put out this song was like a fresh breath of air. To know that others love it as much as I do, it’s fantastic. I’ve heard from couples who are not able to be with their partners at this time because of the pandemic, and are dedicating my song to their loved ones.

You recorded the song and video while each in different corner of the world. What was the process like? 

I sent Lang Lang a demo I had of “Me Enamoré De Ti” — and it was the same one I sent David Bisbal — so that he could hear the song. When he heard it, he sent back the demo with what he had recorded on the piano, and it was majestic. It was from another planet.

I always recommend that people listen to it with headphones on because you can actually hear when Lang Lang steps on the pedal. He recorded his part in Paris and me in a home studio here in Argentina.

As for the video, it was also very DIY and this time he was in Shanghai where his team recorded him and me in Luján, Argentina. I was able to record during a fabulous sunny, autumn day about a month ago when the trees were all yellow and butterflies were flying around us. It was like a movie within a movie. We were supposed to record the video in New York together after a concert I had schedule but then this happened.

Do you plan on releasing more music soon? 

I started working on a new album last year and had been working with producers in Miami, Los Angeles and Colombia. We had many shows planned for this year, but the last one we did was in Viña Del Mar earlier this year where I won two gaviotas. But I plan on releasing more songs soon, and by the end of the year, hopefully release the new album. We’re busy and continue to work from home thanks to technology.

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