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LAMC 2020: Wonder Women of Latin Music Share Their Superpower

Behind a successful woman, there’s a group of other successful women paving the path and opening doors to a world of opportunities.

That was the overall sentiment of the Wonder Women of Latin Music panel that took place today (June 11) during the annual Latin Alternative Music Conference sponsored by Amazon Music featuring and spotlighting female executives who are helping push Latin music and culture forward while taking it to a global level.

Moderated by Amazon Music’s Rocio Guerrero, the one-hour panel included five of the 20 honorees of this year including Rebeca León (Lionfish Entertainment), Rosa Lagarrigue (RLM), Luana Pagani (Seitrack US), Emily Simonitsch (Live Nation) and Inma Grass (Altafonte).

During the virtual panel, the leading, intrepid women, who represent different branches of the business including management and touring, talked about their superpowers, the motivation that fuels their careers and what, if anything, has changed for women in the Latin music industry.

Below, read some of the highlights from the Wonder Women of Latin Music panel. And check out the the rest of the LAMC schedule here.

What’s your super power?  

Grass: I think that my super power is empathy. I like to be present and to be conscious and I am very good communicating since I’ve worked in communications for so many years. I know what to say and what people want to listen.

Pagani: Intuition. I pay attention to it. Sometimes you think you have to do something and then something inside of you says, ‘it doesn’t feel right.’ I follow that. The worst is when you do it always and then think, but I knew it wasn’t right.

Simonitsch: To be on top of our game. We as woman love the challenges and we do this for a challenge and we’re responsive and we tend to do more than what’s on our plate. We make sure we’re covering our bases.

León: Intuition. It’s fire and the older I get, the better it gets. I’m also good at reading people in situations and I’m really good at planning. I think people say I’m never here cause I’m always thinking ahead. But the superpower I wish I had would be to teleport and eliminate travel, it would be amazing. I think about teleporting often.

Lagarrigue: Intuition. I’ve always led my life with intuition and lots of work and passion. That has been my super powers. Luck is also important and to grab luck when it comes. But as women we have to be the best at everything. We have to be the best and I hate it. Why do we have to be so perfect? I go to so many meetings and with many mediocre men and we can’t afford that. I’m tired of it.

What keeps you going? 

Lagarrigue: I love my job. I love artists and the psychology you have to use with artists. I love it, it’s passion and that’s what keeps me going.

Simonitsch: I love watching the fans at live events. To always be in the arena when the show begins and just being able to see the reaction. We make people laugh and to think what better business than that? Being able to watch that moment makes it pleasurable.

Pagani: New artists who have new music and to be able to give them the tools for people to hear their music and be successful. That is so beautiful and satisfying.

Grass: The excitement of discovering new artists and working with them. It’s important to be always open to changes. Life continuously puts challenges and you have to change and also to be very curious. Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat; it makes it wiser. We have to always be learning new things.

How has panorama changed since when you started? 

Simonitsch: We still have a long way to go. We have opened doors because we set a table and we tell men to move over. I think that we have to take a lot of deep breaths and rise to the occasion. We must also continue to support young women and include them. We have to continue to bring the next generation with us.

Pagani: When I started a couple of years ago, most of the women first had to be an assistant and then make their way up to different positions and prove a lot. We had to be competitive and also work a lot. I see a difference and there are a lot of positions in the entry level without starting as an assistant. That’s super positive.

León: Rosa, Luana and Emily have been important role models for me. Luana was the only women at Sony when I was there. I was an assistant and I thought what a boss. Emily, I respect her so much. We were back then competitors but she’s always been a boss and I have a massive amount of respect. Rosa, I looked up to as a manager, she had so much grace.  If you want to succeed you have to be a good business woman as well. They taught me so many of the things I needed to be as a woman to succeed. Also, we have to stop apologizing for things. Especially when you’re talking about money. Teach women to embrace those things. We shy away from wanting to have success and money? We have to be unapologetic about success.

Pagani: Women and men are different. I think it’s so important to be a woman in this business and not try to be a man in this business. I also feel that in many instances if a woman is very strong, she’s neurotic, and if a man is strong, he’s powerful.

Grass: The environment is very important to flourish and we should not punish the woman who wants to be a mother. Not to make her think that they are going to lose the position. That needs to change.

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