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Happy 7th Anniversary, BTS A.R.M.Y.!

Happy A.R.M.Y. day! The BTS fandom rang in its seventh birthday across social media on Thursday (July 9).

Back in 2013, the K-pop boy band announced the official name of its fan base, tweeting, “Finally!! Our fan club name has been decided!!! A.R.M.Y.” (English translation provided via Twitter.)

드디어!! 저희 팬클럽 명이 정해졌네요!!! A.R.M.Y
많은 후보들 중에 저희의 찬성표를 많이받은A.R.M.Y!! 아르미여러분들 아름아름 하네요~ 아이좋아 엇능가서확인해보세요!! @-@

— 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) July 9, 2013

To mark the occasion in 2020, BTS member Jin offered up a special gift for the band’s legions of fans around the world. Taking to his official Weverse page, the singer posted a selfie just for the fandom, writing, “Happy birthday…The gift is Seokjini,” with three heart emojis.

Fans quickly got #ThankYouJin trending on Twitter with their reactions to Jin’s stoic selfie. “The moon looks beautiful tonight,” one fan wrote, referencing Jin’s Map of the Soul: 7 solo track dedicated to A.R.M.Y. Many others declared the snap the “best gift” they had ever received.

Check out Jin’s 7th birthday gift to A.R.M.Y., as well as some of the best reactions, below.

them: what is the best gift that you received?

Armys:#ThankYouJin pic.twitter.com/EIEMp4Zx8m

— ًseah ⁷ (@infiresggukcci) July 9, 2020


the moon looks beautiful tonight everyone pic.twitter.com/MtOazh5aNT

— ɱeƙ⁷ (@mekbts) July 9, 2020

THE BEST GIFT EVER! Thank you so much, i purple you Seokjin#ThankYouJin @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/ip4mkfukl1

— ⁷ (semi ia) (@adorkablepjm) July 9, 2020

#ThankYouJin for making us happy , thank you for appreciating us always and thank you for loving us so much, we will always support you and BTS until the end you will be always our moon we love you so much @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/GUyl2eUuEY

— MAYCEE ⁷ ⟭⟬ @CDLVotingTeam (@seokjinmylabsss) July 9, 2020

The best gift in the world from the WORLDWIDE HANDSOME Kim seokjin thank you jin for the gift #ThankYouJin pic.twitter.com/gF8ZoawqVy

— ⁷ ⟭⟬ ❤︎ ⟬⟭ (@mimi_purpleu) July 9, 2020

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