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‘Hamilton’ Urges You to: Raise a Glass, Wear a Mask

Though it’s set more than 140 years before the 1918 flu pandemic and 244 before the current pandemic, even the cast of Hamilton knows the importance of masking up. On Sunday night (July 19) the musical tweeted an image created by North Carolina artist Sarah Lansden in which characters from the smash Broadway show are seen wearing black face coverings with the message “Raise a glass… And wear a mask.”

The post came amid a national debate over the importance of mask wearing to slow the out-of-control spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. While health experts and the CDC have repeatedly urged Americans to wear protective face coverings to tamp down the virus that has killed more than 143,000 and infected more than 3.8 million to date, some Republican governors have resisted calls to issue statewide mask mandates, including Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who is suing Atlanta over mask requirements even as the state’s numbers are surging.

Singer/actress Rita Wilson, who, along with husband Tom Hanks has recovered from the novel coronavirus, told CBS This Morning that wearing a face mask during the pandemic should be as normal as brushing your teeth. “Why wouldn’t you wear a mask if it’s good for your health?” she asked. “It doesn’t make sense.”

Check out the Hamilton tweet below.

It’s simple. #WearAMask : daighthymeco / Instagram pic.twitter.com/mu7jmOTnVW

— Hamilton (@HamiltonMusical) July 20, 2020

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