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First Out: New Music From Tegan and Sara, Sam Smith, Mxmtoon & More

July is officially coming to an end, which means summer is almost over — but there’s still time to find some new summer bops from queer talent. Billboard Pride is here to help with First Out, our weekly roundup of some of the best new weekly music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From Tegan and Sara’s brand new music video to Sam Smith’s trippy new Burna Boy collaboration, check out some of our favorite new releases this week:

Tegan and Sara, “I Know I’m Not The Only One”

We all remember the horror that was school picture day — now Tegan and Sara are here to offer you a reminder of the cringe-worthy photos you had to take, with a rocked out twist. In their new video for “I Know I’m Not the Only One,” the duo recreate school picture day with all of the various high school archetypes present. Plus, we get to see the group set up their own band in front of that iconic blue-gray backdrop, and turn it into a full on rock show by the end of the clip.

Sam Smith feat. Burna Boy, “My Oasis”

For his latest single, Sam Smith is straddling two worlds — the past, where he sang soulful, heartbroken ballads, and the present, where the star has begun to present more pop-forward tracks. On “My Oasis,” Smith fuses the two into an entrancing, club/bedroom hybrid single, complete with a drilling beat and hypnotic bells to heighten the mood. When Nigerian superstar Burna Boy jumps on the track, he blends in his own style into the mix, making their latest song complex and vastly different from anything else you’ll hear today.

Mxmtoon, “Bon Iver”

No, that’s not a typo — Mxmtoon really did name her latest single after Justin Vernon’s onstage persona. The title comes from the song’s chorus (about “Playin’ Bon Iver on late night drives”) in this dreamy, bedroom pop track where the star contemplates those summer nights with friends that just feel calm and peaceful. If you’re into the song, then you’re in luck; Mxmtoon has her brand new EP Dusk due out October 1!

Tolliver, ThinBlackDuke

With his brand new EP ThinBlackDuke, R&B singer Tolliver is giving you the kind of vibe-filled trance music to help ease your quarantine blues. Throughout the album, Tolliver weaves in gorgeous melodies with chilled-out production to give a soothing quality to each of his new tracks. Nowhere is that more present than on the song “Drugs in College,” which Tolliver himself describes as “a Candyland dream for those who like to get high without ever coming down. Why repent when you can indulge?” Why, indeed?

St. Panther, “Highway”

St. Panther is ready to move on with her life — but before she does, she’s got a few things to say. On “Highway,” the soul singer says goodbye to her problems as she places them in her rearview mirror. “I was focused on how to communicate the feeling of embodying the journey of self transformation,” she said of the single in a statement. “The first lines of the song start with being overcome by this new feeling, the urge to blaze a new path for ourselves. Going forward guided by a new confidence and new shape you’re beginning to take on within yourself. It’s a song about moving forward on that journey full speed.”

Dream Nails, “Vagina Police”

London’s queercore stars Dream Nails are absolutely sick and tired of being told by society what they’re supposed to do with their lady bits. So, on their new single “Vagina Police,” the group is doing what they do best — throwing their middle fingers up at the whole system. The lo-fi, fuzzy punk sound gives the song that much more edge, as the group wails out “Your body is not your own/ You have no autonomy/ Your body is not your own/ You are public property.”

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