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Every Song on Maluma’s ‘#7DJ (7 Días En Jamaica)’ Ranked: Critic’s Picks

Maluma’s new album #7DJ (7 Días En Jamaica) is the soundtrack to the seven days he spent in Jamaica pre-pandemic. The seven-song set is clearly inspired by tropical, dancehall and reggae beats that he deftly fuses with his identifiable reggaeton-pop sound.

The Colombian artist dropped his new record on Thursday (Jan. 28), his birthday, just days after posting a vague message on social media over the weekend that left fans thinking he might be having a baby. The photo he shared was one of him kissing someone’s stomach that had #7DJ written on it.

The “baby” turned out to be his latest album, which follows his 2020 set Papi Juancho. “I am going to be a dad and this is going to be my fifth kid because it’s my fifth album,” Maluma told the more than 100,000 people that connected to an Instagram Live he hosted just minutes before #7DJ dropped. “This album was supposed to come out before Papi Juancho, but because I couldn’t record the music videos due to COVID-19, we released Papi Juancho first.”

Here are the songs on Maluma’s #7DJ ranked:

7. “La Burbuja”

This dancehall track was clearly made for moving. The second-to-last track on the album is built around the track’s hook “la burbuja, la burbuja, la burbuja,” which Maluma repeats throughout the song, making it the catchiest verse in the entire album that will stick with you even after the song has ended.

6. “Love”

Maluma might have fallen in love during his trip to Jamaica, and all the proof is in the song “Love.” The song starts off with a phone call, during which Maluma tells Charly Black that he’s crushing on a girl. “I’m here in Jamaica. Yesterday, I met a girl that drove me crazy. She has me lovesick,” the Colombian singer says. He then elaborates on the infectious reggaeton-meets-lovers rock beat that he might have fallen for a problematic girl. “She’s in my heart/ I’m so crazy I don’t care if I crash,” says part of the lyrics in Spanish. Black advises him to take things easy before he gets his heart broken.

5. “Chocolate”

Maluma really experimented on this track. It starts off with a sensual trap melody, where Maluma reminds his crush that he “likes her more than chocolate” and that she “made a home run without a bat.” The song then transforms into a club-friendly electronic dance gem before taking it down a notch two minutes in, becoming a slow-tempo sultry dancehall song à la Drake.

4. “Tonika”

Tonika kicks off Maluma’s seven-day journey around Jamaica. It also sets the tone for what’s in store for the rest of the EP. In true Maluma fashion, the song kicks off with an infectious reggaeton beat before transitioning into a sultry reggae track featuring Ziggy Marley. The beat slows down the last minute of the track, bringing to the forefront the melodious instruments. The hip-swaying Spanglish bop, about having chemistry with a woman at the club, is as refreshing as drinking Tonic water in the Caribbean island.

3. “Agua de Jamaica”

Maluma baby is back with his smooth-talking skills in “Agua de Jamaica,” a cheeky track that treads on raunchy and romantic territory. “I don’t know about you but I’ve been dying for this moment,” Maluma sings over a soft reggaeton beat. “In your body I find life and I’ll do whatever you want me to do to you.” We love experimental Maluma on this album but there’s nothing quite like his slowed-down, romantic reggaeton songs, and we get a few of those sprinkled in #7DJ.

2. “Peligrosa”

A heartbroken Maluma starts off the track singing about feeling lost after a breakup. “You taught me how to love but not how to forget you,” he sings. The first 30 seconds of “Peligrosa” makes you think it’s a stripped-down piano-led track, but in a 360-degree turn, the track becomes a reggaeton banger just as it enters the minute mark. After all, “right now is not the time for sadness, it’s time to fiesta,” as the song says.

1. “Desayun-Arte”

Maluma really explored and observed his surroundings during his seven-day journey around Jamaica, bringing to life the super catchy “Desayun-Arte.” Considering Maluma plays live shows with a band, we wouldn’t say he stepped out of his comfort zone on this track, but he definitely brings something fresh to the table. He marries reggae rock and sensual urban beats, joining the growing musical trend of alternative-urban fusions. The lyrics are just as sexy as the song. “I didn’t believe in love but you came to change everything with that attitude and angelic face,” he kicks off. In the chorus, he elaborates that she’s the perfect breakfast.

Below, watch the concept video Maluma released for 7 Días En Jamaica:

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