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Este Haim Once Tried to Sneak on Stage With Prince

On Haim’s latest episode of their Haim Time show on Apple Music, the sisters chatted with fellow sibling act We Are KING about songwriting, sisterhood and stories from the road.

One memory that came to the eldest Haim Este’s mind was going to see Prince in concert, with We Are KING as the guest act. “I remember seeing you ladies open for Prince at The Forum. And I don’t know if we were all incredibly, if my sisters and I were inebriated,” Este hilariously recalled. “I might have taken this part of the story out when I was talking to you.”

“It was the concert where I tried to get on stage with Prince,” she continued. “And then got, his bodyguards basically accosted me and thought that I wanted to do something bad to Prince. So it was memorable for so many reasons but seeing you ladies at that show was so f—king inspiring. And your harmonies and the way that you craft songs is so smooth and delicious. And the way that I describe my favorite things to eat is your music. How I like to devour things is your music.”

Speaking of Prince, when Haim asked We Are KING about their songwriting process while working on their next album, the latter sister group mentioned some advice from the late icon.

“He was like, ‘I always, when I start a song I envision it done,” KING noted. “And it’s a kind of a halfway point, if I can say, for so long it seems like that is so far away. Like getting here, it really feels like almost Nirvana. You could hear the album, it’s a theme of the album, or just the vibe of it.”

Listen below.

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