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BTS Reveal ‘Be’ Album Title Meaning in Fan Q&A: Watch

BTS Reveal ‘Be’ Album Title Meaning in Fan Q&A: Watch

BTS called into SiriusXM Hits 1 on Tuesday (Dec. 8) to answer fan questions about the meaning behind the title of their new album Be, their goals for the New Year and more.

“In Korea when we learn English grammar, the first thing we learn is the ‘be’ verbs. It could be, like, are, e’s, am,” RM explained when asked about the title of the band’s latest Korean-language studio set. “So it means existence and, like, potentials. It could be anything — to be present in the moment.”

As for the K-pop boy band’s 2021 New Year’s resolutions? “To be happy [and] healthy,” Jungkook stated, while Jin is hoping “to be able to tour” in the coming year.

RM, meanwhile, echoed both sentiments before adding another lofty goal to the list. “Third, Grammy winning,” he said. “That’s it. That’s a wrap.” (The septet is currently nominated for their very first Grammy Award — for best pop duo/group performance for their No. 1 hit single “Dynamite” — at the upcoming January 2021 ceremony.)

When one of the hosts asked which members pick up choreography the quickest, RM claimed it was a toss-up. “So the fastest would be V or Jimin or J-Hope,” he said. “And the slowest is…RM. It’s RM, actually. It’s me.”

During the chat, the band also joked that Jungkook was “OK, he was OK” as director for their latest music video for single “Life Goes On” (“Jung Kook is very detail-oriented,” Jin added), before dishing on their go-to karaoke songs.

“We don’t usually sing our own songs when we go karaoke,” V revealed as his bandmates jokingly crooned the choruses to their latest No. 1 hits. “I love ‘Monster’ by Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber,” RM added.

Watch BTS answer all their fans’ most burning questions below.