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Billie Eilish ‘Almost Pooped’ Her Pants When Britney Spears Danced to Her Song

Was it everything she wanted? Billie Eilish was delighted when she learned that Britney Spears had danced to her song “bury a friend” earlier in July, and she opened up about it on the latest episode of her “me & dad radio” show on Apple Music.

The father-daughter pair were discussing songs from the 18-year-old’s childhood when the subject of Spears came up.

“My phone has decided to play ‘Baby One More Time’ by Britney Spears,” Eilish explained as she shared that she had her playlist on shuffle. “This is an incredible song. Dude, this era of Britney was just, like, mind-blowing.”

She then segued into the topic of the singer busting some moves to her song off 2019’s When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go on July 14. “Shout out to Britney too!” Eilish exclaimed. “She posted a couple of videos to my songs and I almost pooped my pants. So I love you, Britney.”

Eilish also revealed that she grooved to Spears’ “classic” tune “Baby One More Time” when she was younger. “I used to dance in the living room to this on my tiny little horrible speaker,” she said.

Another artist she danced to as a child was Avril Lavigne, specifically “Losing Grip.” “We used to just get down to this song,” she gushed. “Oh my God, we used to just scream this song in the car. … I’ve never heard a sound like that in my life. There is no other song like this.”

One song that Eilish said was particularly touching for her during her younger years was “Something” by The Beatles. “I think that it’s such a well-put song. I think the lyrics say something that I barely hear, and I feel like lots of people are saying something similar, but I feel like only The Beatles could say exactly this,” she shared.”It’s such a thing that we feel; it’s such a human feeling.”

Eilish added that the iconic band were “the main pool of music” she listened to while growing up. “This is one out of basically all of their songs that I loved and adored growing up, but this one really stuck with me,” she said, before explaining its significance to her. “I think part of the reason this song used to make me feel so emotional is I just wanted somebody to feel this way about me so bad. I felt this way about a thousand people because I was a little love-crazed child.”

Listen to snippets of Eilish and dad Patrick discussing the music of her childhood below:

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