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Avril Lavigne Does Her Cleaning Like a True Sk8er While in Quarantine: Exclusive

Avril Lavigne has been busy while sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer-songwriter has not only been working on music, but she’s also cooking and cleaning. On top of that, Lavigne also took over Billboard’s Instagram account on Monday (June 15) to share all the details of her at-home quarantine activities.

One of the things she’s done during the global health crisis is give back in the form of song. Before singing “We Are Warriors” at her piano, the “S8er Boi” singer, who released the re-recorded version of “Warrior” back in April, explains of the tune: “It’s dedicated to all the frontline workers, and proceeds are going toward the fight against COVID-19, providing PPE for medical workers across the world.”

Besides writing music, the eight-time Grammy nominee has been doing what a lot of us have been doing while staying put at home: cooking. During her Billboard takeover, Lavigne shows she could potentially be the next Food Network star with a home-cooking demo of her “I Fell in Love With the Deviled Eggs” recipe.

Like a pro cooking-show host, the singer shows each ingredient and step for an easy-to-follow tutorial of the classic appetizer. Though she keeps her version pretty simple, “I feel like my mom did this possibly with a relish or diced dill pickles before in the past, which would totally work,” she notes before adding a tip on how to easily fill the eggs and “make it look pretty.”

Continuing to show off her at-home skills, Lavigne shares a hack for how to not only make cleaning the house faster, but more fun. “When you’ve got your hands full, worker smarter, not harder!” she advises with a laugh as she zooms around the house with a mop.

Check out Lavigne’s full IGTV video below, and listen to her song “We Are Warriors.”


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