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Argentine Rapper Duki Celebrates Birthday With ’24’ EP: Interview

Thursday (June 24) was the anniversary of several Argentinian cultural luminaries. Figures such as soccer player Lionel Messi, race car driver Juan Manuel Fangio and writer Ernesto Sábato were born that day, while others such as tango singer Carlos Gardel and cuarteto singer Rodrigo lost their lives in terrible accidents. And, rapper Duki (real name: Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo) came to the world on that same day in 1996, and has proven himself a worthy titleholder.

After showing a more introspective and sensitive version of himself in his latest single, “Acapella,” Duki celebrated turning 24 with the release of an eight-song EP, appropriately titled 24.

For the occasion, he was accompanied by colleagues from all over the world including Spanish Kidd Keo of Spain, Young Cister from Chile, Italy’s Gallagher, fellow Argentines Asan and Big Deiv, and production by Juicy J.

The EP, produced by Anestesia, revolves around the number 24. The lyric videos for each song follow a 24-hour timelapse in which each song is a time slot of the day.

Following suit, Billboard Argentina asked Duki 24 questions:

What does June 24 mean to you?

The opportunity to be alive and enjoy life. And it is also that day that once a year makes me look in the mirror and see that I grew up, that I evolved, perhaps that I improved or changed something wrong with me, and the proof that I still have things to do in this world.

Why did you get “247” tattooed?

It was the address of my first house, Antezana 247 aka La Mansión.

Are you going to get one “246”?

Not yet.

How are Mauro (yourself) and Duki (the performer) getting along?

Sometimes good, sometimes bad … but they depend on each other.

If someone offered to remove your tattoos, would you accept?


How is YSY A doing?

Well. Killing it as always, enjoying Father’s Day, and on June 23, being No. 1 in my country’s trends with “Una de Dos.”

Who is the toughest rapper in the Caribbean?

I’ve been a fan of Fuego even before I met him and considered him my friend, and I think he is very tough.

Have you been talking to any of the Puerto Ricans lately?

No one to be honest. I still haven’t had a chance to really meet anyone in person.

Describe Tony (Neo Pistea) in three words:

Street, hunger, star.

How much money do you estimate you earned?

I have no idea. In pesos, millions. In dollars, not so much.

What partner in Medellín deserves all your respect?

J Balvin has taken me into account so many times and given me several opportunities to grow and shine, like in the remix of “Machika.” He invited me to play it with him at Luna Park. Also, Sky: I shared a studio with him two or three times, but he is brilliant, a monster producing, writing and acting.

Eminem or Drake?


Daft Punk or Pink Floyd?

Daft Punk.

Los Abuelos de la Nada or Serú Girán?

Los Abuelos de la Nada.

What makes you proud of your family?

The love, the respect and the codes that they gave me.

Would you actively participate in politics?


What did you learn in quarantine?

There are always things about yourself to know, things to learn from yourself.

Did you have any epiphany?

Yeah, I became a successful trap artist and we killed it in the music scene with my brothers, and guess what? It ended up really happening.

What is the best of Argentina?

I think that the Argentine people have a special charisma, something different from the others, a mixture of languages, customs and cultures, which is reflected through generations. A country where there are great athletes, musicians, actors, businessmen, scientists, etc.

Something else from the country?

The variety of climates and landscapes that exist from north to south is incredible, almost all the biomes exist in a single country.

Did you listen to a lot of tango or a just a little?

Little bit.

Do you talk to Paulo Londra?

Not regularly.

Do you talk to God?


What would you ask yourself?

“Shall we light one?”

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