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13 Collab Albums Have Reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200: Here’s a Complete List

Savage Mode II by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin, which enters the Billboard 200 at No. 1 this week, is the 13th collaborative album to reach No. 1 since that chart was introduced in 1956. This term refers to albums by artists who don’t normally work together.

Jay-Z has been a part of three of these 13 collaborations. Lady Gaga has been a part of two. (And when are these two highly collaborative artists going to team up?) The A Star Is Born franchise contributes two albums to this list; the one with Gaga was the most recent collaborative No. 1 until this week.

(The Fine Print: We’re not counting collabs of musicians that adopted a group name of their own, a sure sign that they’re moving beyond a collab into group territory. Prime example: Velvet Revolver.)

Here’s a complete list of collabs that have topped the Billboard 200:

Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd

Title: Jazz Samba

Reached No. 1: March 9, 1963 (one week)

Top 20 Billboard Hot 100 hits: “Desafinado” (No. 15)

Notes: This is the only collab by two jazz artists to reach No. 1. It’s the first of two instrumental collab albums to reach No. 1. “Desafinado” won a Grammy for best jazz performance – soloist or small group (instrumental). The album was voted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2010. This was the only No. 1 album by either artist.

Diana Ross & the Supremes with The Temptations

Title: TCB

Reached No. 1: Feb. 8, 1969 (one week)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: none

Notes: This is the only collaboration by two groups to reach No. 1. It was the second album-length collab by Motown’s top groups of the 1960s. The first, Diana Ross & the Supremes Join the Temptations, reached No. 2. TCB was the soundtrack to a TV special that aired on NBC on Dec. 9, 1968. (The title, “TCB,” stands for “Taking Care of Business,” a popular saying at the time.) This was the Supremes’ third No. 1 album; the Temptations’ only No. 1.

Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell

Title: Dueling Banjos

Reached No. 1: March 17, 1973 (three weeks)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: “Dueling Banjos” (No. 2)

Notes: This is the second of two instrumental collab albums to reach No. 1. “Dueling Banjos” was featured in the hit Burt Reynolds film, Deliverance. It won a Grammy for best country instrumental performance. This was the only No. 1 album by either artist. Mandell never again made the Billboard 200. Weissberg returned just once, with an album that peaked at No. 196.

Barbra Streisand & Kris Kristofferson

Title: A Star Is Born soundtrack

Reached No. 1: Feb. 12, 1977 (six weeks)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: “Evergreen (Love Theme From A Star Is Born)” (No. 1)

Notes: This is the first of two film soundtrack collabs to reach No. 1. “Evergreen” won two Grammys—song of the year and best pop vocal performance, female. It also won an Oscar for best original song. This was Streisand’s third No. 1 album; Kristofferson’s only No. 1.

John Lennon/Yoko Ono

Title: Double Fantasy

Reached No. 1: Dec. 27, 1980 (eight weeks)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: “(Just Like) Starting Over” (No. 1), “Woman” (No. 2), “Watching the Wheels” (No. 10)

Notes: This is the only collab by a married couple to reach No. 1, though it didn’t reach No. 1 until after Lennon’s murder on Dec. 8, 1980. This remained No. 1 longer than any other collaborative album. It’s also the only No. 1 collaborative album to spawn three top 10 hits on the Hot 100. Double Fantasy won a Grammy as album of the year. This was the fifth album-length collab by Lennon and Ono, following Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins, Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With the Lions, Wedding Album and Sometime in New York City. This was Lennon’s third No. 1 album as a solo artist; Ono’s only No. 1.

Nas Escobar, Foxy Brown, AZ and Nature

Title: The Firm — The Album

Reached No. 1: Nov. 8, 1997 (one week)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: none

Notes: This was the first hip-hop collab to reach No. 1. It was also the first collaboration to enter the Billboard 200 at No. 1. This was the second No. 1 album for Nas (who went by Nas Escobar on this album), the first for Foxy Brown, and the only one for AZ and Nature.

R. Kelly & Jay-Z

Title: Unfinished Business

Reached No. 1: Nov. 13, 2004 (one week)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: none

Notes: The Best of Both Worlds, the first collab album by the two stars, peaked at No. 2 in 2002. This was R. Kelly’s fourth No. 1 album; Jay-Z’s seventh.

Jay-Z/Linkin Park

MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Presents: Collision Course

Reached No. 1: Dec. 18, 2004 (one week)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: “Numb/Encore” (No. 20)

Notes: This collab was inspired by a short-lived MTV series, MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups. “Numb/Encore” won a Grammy for best rap/sung collaboration. This genre-bridging collab was Jay-Z’s eighth No. 1 album; Linkin Park’s second.

Jay-Z & Kanye West

Title: Watch the Throne

Reached No. 1: Aug. 27, 2011 (two weeks)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: “Otis” (which gave a featured credit to the late Otis Redding, No. 12), “Ni**as in Paris” (No. 5)

Notes: Three tracks from this album won a total of four Grammys. “Ni**as in Paris” won best rap performance and best rap song. “No Church in the Wild” (which featured Frank Ocean and The Dream) won best rap/sung collaboration. Otis” won best rap performance the previous year. This was Jay-Z’s 12th No. 1 album; West’s fifth.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Title: Cheek to Cheek

Reached No. 1: Oct. 11, 2014 (one week)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: none

Notes: The two singers first teamed to sing Rodgers & Hart’s “The Lady Is a Tramp,” the opening track on Bennett’s 2011 album, Duets II. Both of these albums won Grammys for best traditional pop vocal album. This was Bennett’s second No. 1 album; Gaga’s third.

Drake & Future

Title: What a Time to Be Alive

Reached No. 1: Oct. 10, 2015 (one week)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: “Jumpman” (No. 12)

Notes: This was Drake’s fifth No. 1 album; Future’s second.

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

Title: A Star Is Born (soundtrack)

Reached No. 1: Oct. 20, 2018 (four weeks, non-consecutive)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: “Shallow” (No. 1)

Notes: This is the only collaborative album to return to No. 1 after vacating the top position. It spent its first three weeks at No. 1 and returned to the top spot following the Academy Awards, where “Shallow” won best original song. It’s the second film soundtrack collab to reach No. 1. The album won a Grammy for best compilation soundtrack for visual media. Two tracks from the album also won Grammys. “Shallow” won best pop duo/group performance and best song written for visual media. “I’ll Never Love Again” won in the latter category the following year. This was Gaga’s fifth No. 1 album; Cooper’s only No. 1.

21 Savage & Metro Boomin                                                              

Title: Savage Mode II

Reached No. 1: Oct. 17, 2020 (one week so far)

Top 20 Hot 100 hits: “Runnin” (No. 9), “Mr. Right Now” (featuring Drake, No. 10), “Glock in My Lap” (No. 19)

Notes:  This is the rappers’ third collab. Their first, Savage Mode, reached No. 44 in 2016. Their second, Without Warning (which also included Offset) hit No. 4 in 2017.  This is the second No. 1 album for both artists.

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